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ylq Jun 11
On a rainy day Carton Of Cigarettes, the sky is gray with only one color left. I want to ascend the distance, but the ground is too slippery, but it is better to stay indoors and remember the life with you. When I meet for the first time, you are a flower in my life. I am a cup of tea in your world. I was a man who was afraid of life, but I felt very familiar with you when I first met. It was as if we had known each other for many years, and that meeting was like a reunion after a long time Online Cigarettes. The saying goes: "The past five hundred times of returning, in exchange for the passing of this life." And I think we must have passed the countless times in the past to get the fate of this life, and become the buddy of today's friends even After four or five years, I still remember the rice noodle shop that you and I went to the corner for the first time. At that time, they didn't like to eat rice noodles at the time, but they chose to meet in the powder shop. Also famous: the environment is more suitable for our gas field Cheap Cigarettes. The powder has already been eaten, and our understanding of each other is still limited to the name. We are foolish and waved goodbye to the smile. The first time I met, you left me only your white shirt and white jeans. We may be very scared. Even if we really want to know others, we never dare to take the first step. Later, we will become more and more fond of eating powder. The powder shop on the corner of the street has become our favorite. local. We also developed into the intimacy of knowing each other's names from the weekend's meeting. Even when I open my mouth, you can know what I want to say. I can understand the mood of the shirt you wear every day. They all said that girlfriends should be people who stick together every day and spend a lot of time chatting and playing together Wholesale Cigarettes. But we can always find the other person's heart in the quiet, and even if they see it once in a week or even longer, we can always have our own tacit understanding. We all like to find a quiet place to read a book silently. We can read a book together in a room for a whole day, or we can rush to watch a favorite book for one morning, and then pick up the next paragraph of your favorite words. At first, I was amazed at the fact that the two copied the same paragraph. But now it is a fuss about seeing different passages. Perhaps many people will think that the way we get along with each other is too monotonous Newport Cigarettes Coupons, no ups and downs, so plain and tasteless. But we all enjoy this "monotonous" mode of getting along. After all, there is a simple trust in monotony. I am content with the rain and the cloud is slowly spreading. Putting down the pen, I come back from memory and put one? Nanshan Nan? "I am snowing in the sun in the south, you are like spring in the cold nights in the north..." Quietly closing your eyes, silently saying to you in your heart, "Dear, may you be in the distance." well."
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