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ylq Jun 11
The wind stopped, the rain stopped, and the morning sun had already jumped out of the edge of the city. The clouds shyly covered the red face, and it was particularly glamorous in the blue sky. It all happened between the electric and the flint, not the time was not enough, but the curtains had already covered the sunlight outside the window Marlboro Lights. The dawn of the dawn was passed to my dormitory roaming tour at noon, sitting in a chair For a long time, looking at the roommates in the world of the game, rushing to look at their own movies, time has slipped away silently, and have not had time to do too much reaction, it is more than two in the afternoon! Looking out the window, the sun is shining, the mountains and lakes are colored, and the crowds of the bustling streets are bustling Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The hand is out of the window, the temperature is suitable, it is suitable for going out to play. After so long, I have not gone out for a walk. Except for the school, most of them spend time on the basketball court. I think it is quite a failure, so I propose to go out for a ride. This suggestion everyone agrees that the Thunder will not be able to go out quickly! I rented a few bicycles outside the school. The mighty two-wheeled car that started along the scheduled route was dangerous and discerned from an early age. Maybe not riding often, controlling the speed and direction, always feeling Staggering, looking at the eyes of passers-by, a breath of momentum is taking off, thinking of the way to go in high school philosophy Carton Of Cigarettes, let others talk about it! Full of confidence! In this way, I swayed through the oil boulevard, crossed the intersection of the traffic car, and went on a boulevard. At the end of the road, there was a road without stone construction Cigarettes For Sale. This is the last destination of our destination today. For a while, think about it, put it on your head! At noon, when the ass was tortured and the spirit was tormented, when we were enjoying the sunshine and the mouth was dry, a kind of aunt called us to go to her orange garden to pick some oranges to moisten the throat. , my heart is screaming good people! In the last tense moment, my companion, Comrade Wang Wei, held in his hand, holding in his arms, squatting in his pocket, and still seeking the last one. At that time, I felt that others were kind enough to let us pick it up. Don't be too greedy. If you admire him, you can't help him, and promise to wait for him to take the last one and leave! A comedy-like scene was staged, and his nails were disconnected from the middle for too long! Blood is flowing from the fingers, shocking! Express and leg, rushed to the school clinic at the speed of the nickname, because it is too remote, there is no hospital nearby! Hastily came and hurriedly left, leaving blood, took away Huang Cancan ringing and waking up, depressed and shook his head. I woke up in the bathroom and looked at the time. However, most of the time was taken away by sleep. I finally had an episode and enriched my life! I feel that although not as dazzling as others, I am satisfied! A small step is a big step in life!
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