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wodetian123 Jul 18
Chit Fund Working Model

In India [url=http://www.cheapjerseyskings.com/]Cheap Los Angeles Kings Shirts[/url] , if the value of the chit run by a chit fund operator exceeds Rs. 100 and is not registered, it is considered to be an illegal chit fund. Every institutionalized and registered chit fund is safe and sound and offer greatest support to its customers. Before understanding the working model of chit fund, let us know few terminologies which are specifically used in the working of such schemes.
1. Chit Agreement - a legal contract with all detail of rules and regulations signed by foreman and investors
2. Chit Group 鈥?group of investors who are the part of registered chit fund group
3. Chit amount 鈥?the amount paid by the investors on specific period
4. Foreman 鈥?personcompany who maintains records, responsible for collection of money and heads the auctions
5. Foreman鈥檚 Commission - 5% of the gross chit fund amount paid to the foreman
6. Prize money 鈥?Summation of all periodic collections minus maximum bidding amount (maximum bidding amount is inclusive of foreman鈥檚 commission)

Auction Chits or Business Chits

Under Auction Chits or Business Chits. The capital, less of foreman鈥檚 commission. is kept open for bidding. The members present or by proxy [url=http://www.cheapjerseyskings.com/]Cheap Los Angeles Kings Jerseys[/url] , offer discount on the amount and the one who offers the highest Discount (or accept the lowest prize amount) is declared the prize-winner. In this auction system. it becomes possible for needy members to bid for an amount depending upon the urgency of their need. Auction Chits are highly beneficial to businessmen who need credit. By joining an Auction Chit of Their choice and paying subscription for one or two months, they can bid for a fairly big sum.

The difference between Chit capital and the bid amount is distributed as dividend to the members - both prized and non-prized. Under conditions of ceiling on bid. When more than one member offers the ceiling Rate; there would be a draw among such members to decide the prize-winner. The Auction Chits are also known as Business Chits.

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Steinway & Sons is one of the leading piano brands worldwide. As a prominent piano company, it is known a manufacturer of premium pianos which renowned musicians and composers prefer. Famous artists like Harry Connick, Jr., Diana Krall [url=http://www.cheapjerseyskings.com/Jeff-Carter/]Cheap Jeff Carter Hat[/url] , and Sergei Rachmaninoff even perform exclusively on Steinway pianos. If your family owns a Steinway piano, taking good care of one of the finest pieces of musical instrument should be top priority.

Basic Piano Care Tips

According to experts, hot dry air can damage the mechanisms and components of your piano. To avoid this, place your piano away from heat ducts, radiators [url=http://www.cheapjerseyskings.com/Tyler-Toffoli/]Cheap Tyler Toffoli Hat[/url] , or windows. If the piano has a wood grain outside case, keep it from the window to avoid discoloration. Clean the wood finish with a soft cloth slightly dampened with furniture polish. Keep the interior regularly dusted and free from any toys, coins, and other foreign objects. Try playing it simply to inspect if the strings, dampers [url=http://www.cheapjerseyskings.com/Tanner-Pearson/]Cheap Tanner Pearson Hat[/url] , and sound board are in good condition.

Piano Tuning

Pianos require tuning after months or years of regular use. Piano technicians make minute adjustments to the piano strings' tensions to properly align the intervals between their tones. Fine piano tuning requires a comprehensive interaction among notes, requiring slightly different pitches for various kinds of pianos. Independent piano technicians, rebuilders, and hobbyists need professional training and certification to tune upright or grand pianos. You can ask relatives or friends to refer trusted piano technicians to you.

Rebuilding and Restoration

Though pianos age gradually, you need to take it to a professional rebuilder to check its condition. By the time a piano reaches the thirty year mark [url=http://www.cheapjerseyskings.com/Derek-Forbort/]Cheap Derek Forbort Hat[/url] , its hammers are harder to be voiced properly. Steinway piano restoration experts deal with the three main parts of a grand piano when reconditioning, rebuilding, or remanufacturing鈥攖he case, the action, and the cabinet. Rebuilding and restoration services include restringing [url=http://www.cheapjerseyskings.com/Alex-Iafallo/]Cheap Alex Iafallo Hat[/url] , soundboard shimming or replacement, bridge recapping, as well as replacement for hammers, hammer shanks, and pinblocks.


The Steinway grand piano action is the mechanical component that consists of around 10 [url=http://www.cheapjerseyskings.com/Mike-Cammalleri/]Cheap Mike Cammalleri Hat[/url] ,000 parts. This action is made of keys and a system of moving parts that translates the movement of the keys into movement of hammers, which in turn strike the strings and produce sounds. As the action wears, other components also deteriorate, reducing the quality of your piano's sound. You can contact professionals that regulate the piano's components to fix this problem.

Climate Control Systems

Since Steinway pianos are made of wood, they are vulnerable to the humidity or atmosphere around them. Advanced climate control systems regulate internal humidity levels [url=http://www.cheapjerseyskings.com/Adrian-Kempe/]Cheap Adrian Kempe Hat[/url] , maintaining the ideal relative humidity of forty to fifty percent despite external conditions.

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